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The money world is hella male, hella pale, and hella stale.
We're here to change that.

HellaHelpful delivers financial education through the lens of BIPOC and first-gen Millennials' experiences.

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What is Hella Helpful?

The HellaHelpful community offers you two ways to get financially free with folx who actually look, talk and live like you:

Free Workshops

HellaHelpful serves up free public financial education workshops once a month -- with every workshop specifically made for and taught by BIPOC and first-gen children of immigrants.

Hell Yeah, Take Me There

Private Membership

We're beta-testing a private monthly membership and Slack channel for the HellaHelpful community to engage in exclusive money challenges, keep each other accountable and grow together. 

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Free Workshops

Hella New Year, Tired Me: Setting Money Goals on Low Life Battery

Tuesday, Jan. 19th | 6:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm ET

Too tired to set New Years' money resolutions right now?
Join me and Sheena Allen, CEO of CapWay as we baby-step our way to new money goals.
RSVP here - limited seating!

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Wanna stay on top of our free monthly workshops? Join our email list, and I'll pass you the link to 6 FREE pre-recorded HellaHelpful workshops -- how to save with no money, how to pay off debt, and mo'. Oh, and duh: You'll be the first to know about our next free-free.

Private Membership

We're currently working with a small group of Beta testers to build a HellaHelpful monthly membership and private Slack channel. HellaHelpful members will have access to exclusive budgeting challenges, hold each other accountable and be each others' financial hype community.


What do you get as a member?

Community Group Chat

Join our members-only Slack channel where we answer questions, share memes, build accountability and celebrate those sweet, sweet #moneymoves.

Weekly Lessons and Resource Library

Explore our brand-new HellaHelpful learning platform and money resource library. We'll drip out easy money tasks every week as the whole community works towards one financial goal.

Private Live Events

Catch exclusive workshops, group coaching and Live Budget Parties where Berna breaks down her and other members’ budgets to build customized financial plans.

More on the Membership, please!


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