HellaHelpful Membership 💸

If you're seeing this, then I have invited you to join a small group of Beta testers
for our brand-new monthly membership.

Say less. I'm ready.

Cool! ... Wait. What? 🤔

After our first HellaHelpful financial workshops,
we realized that us BIPOC and first-gen grown-a$$ children of immigrants
need more than just free money webinars.

We need our own money community that looks and sounds like us.

That's why we're building this new HellaHelpful membership.

But I've only reached out to a handful of OG, VIP folks to help me run this thing for the first time.

Ahem. That's you.

Is this membership for me? ðŸ˜¯

Listen. If you are...

💰 A BIPOC or first-gen grown-a$$ child of immigrants
(and hella proud of it)

💰 In desperate need of more financially-smart friends to keep your life and wallet in check

💰 Longing to yeet the hella-male, hella-pale money world for a community of teachers and learners you can actually relate to

💰 Earning an income, but have no way to organize your spending

💰 Want your money to help achieve your goals -- personal, professional and political (hello, recurring donations?)

... then hell yeah, friend.
We made this space for you.

Whoa. What do members get?

Hold my stimulus check.

Financial Hype Texts

Get all of Berna's financial hype right to your phone with custom texts. Sign up for monthly savings reminders, spending challenges, budgeting tips and much needed financial feel-good-good.

Private Live Events

Catch exclusive Budget Parties where Berna breaks down your budget, builds customized financial plans right in ya face, and makes you play random financial drinking games. Oops. 

Community Group Chat

Join our members-only Slack channel where we'll answer questions, share memes, rant about our families' wild money habits, and celebrate all your sweet #moneymoves.

All BIPOC & First-Gen Money
Resource Library

Explore our brand-new HellaHelpful learning platform and resource library. You get 24/7 access to videos, webinars, worksheets and lessons, all made 100% by and for BIPOC and first-gen folks.

Ready to rock?

We're offering limited-time Beta pricing to the first 50 people.
It's first come, first save, baby.

Sign me TF up!

Comin' along?

I would be freakin' honored if you became one of the first few folks to help build this community with me. You learn, and I learn. You in?

Let's do this.

Limited-time Beta pricing 

"Beta" is a fancy word for, "You're amongst the first folks to help me pilot-test this thang."

If you join at this price,
you'll ALWAYS be given this discount
even if/when we decide to raise the price in the future.
(So, yup: This is the best deal you'll get.
Cause I don't forget my Day 1's.)